POPLIVE – Staging Popular Music

Sustainable live music ecologies for artists, music venues and cities. The popular music industry is slowly changing its focus from recorded music to live music revenues. The POPLIVE project researches how local live music ecologies can contribute to value creation in the careers of pop musicians, the position of music venues and festivals, and the local (urban) society in general. Read more  nwo-logo

Gameful Music Performances for Smart, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies

GAMSISS. Although classical music has shown its potential for transferring societal values in the 19th century, the importance of classical music is fading in contemporary society. This research project explores how artistic performances that fuse classical music and gaming will  contribute to transforming the existing listening culture into one required for smart, inclusive, and sustainable societies to emerge. Read more   nwo-logo

Elvis has finally left the building?

Boundary work, whiteness and the reception of rock music in comparative perspective. This project addresses the relationship between popular and ethno-racial inequality and investigates to what extent and how whites and whites construct ethno-racial boundaries in the reception of rock music in the United States, Germany and The Netherlands. Read more  nwo-logo 


Popular Music Heritage, Cultural Memory and Cultural Identity. Popular music forms such as rock and punk may be as potent a symbol of national or local identity as traditional representations. The POPID project researched popular music’s contribution to the narratives of cultural identity and representations of cultural memories and local and national cultural heritage in a pan-European context. Read more   hera-logo