The Fogland Game

(2014 – 2016) | Creating and validating a paper prototype of a game to fight smokers’ needs for relaxation and social contacts. Nobody starts or keeps on smoking in order to damage health. Therefore, the positive outcomes for smoking are still more important than the negative ones and these positive outcomes have to be challenged. Together with game developer Ranj, Prof. Jeroen Jansz and Julia Kneer, PhD developed a paper prototype of fogland, a serious game that helps smokers to quit smoking. Read more   nwo-logo

Persuasive Gaming in Context

(2013 – 2018) | From theory-based design to validation and back. The research in this project is concerned with the characteristics, design principles, and effectiveness of persuasive gaming. We study gaming practices that combine the dissemination of information with attempts to engage players in particular behaviors and attitudes. Read more   nwo-logo