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Prof. dr. Evert Bisschop Boele Inauguration Ceremony

What is the meaning of culture participation for amateur artists? That is one of the key questions Prof. dr. Evert Bisschop Boele posed during his inaugural address last Friday, October 6th, upon his acceptance as endowed professor of the chair ‘Meaning of Culture Participation’. This chair is established on behalf of the National Centre of […]

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Pauwke Berkers and Julian Schaap to speak at the NWO-organised Science Night

31-08-2017 | Why do some tunes get stuck in your head? What happens to your brain if you listen to music? The upcoming Science Night (Nacht van de Wetenschap) on October 6 will be all about music. During this night ESHCC researcher Pauwke Berkers will talk, in Utrecht, about gender inequality in pop music and ESHCC […]

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Pauwke Berkers and Janna Michael about subcultures in Dutch newspaper Trouw

20-07-17 Hipsters, taking over the world with their man bun’s, racing bikes and trendy coffees seem to be the culmination of a long evolution since the hippie era. Dutch Newspaper Trouw made an overview of 50 years of subcultures with the help of ESHCC Assistant Professor Pauwke Berkers and PhD Candidate Janna Michael.  Hippies Fifty […]

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Stijn Reijnders about Dunkirk and movie tourism at EenVandaag

20-07-17 | Dunkirk, the new Hollywood blockbuster directed by Christopher Nolan, opened in Dutch movie theaters recently. Meanwhile, Dunkirk anticipates a wave of ‘movie tourists’ visiting the northern french city subsequent to the movie hit. Stijn Reijnders, Professor on Cultural Heritage at ESHCC, talks in the Dutch television programme EenVandaag about movie tourism and his expectations for […]

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Emotion Networks research funded by Dutch National Research Agenda

20-07-2017 The Dutch Research Agenda (DRA) will finance over a 100.000 euro ESHCC led research into ‘emotion networks’, a new method of dealing with heritage. The idea behind emotion networks has been developed by ESHCC endowed Professor Hester Dibbits and Marlous Willemsen, the director of heritage institution Imagine IC. The research project is funded in […]

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Arno van der Hoeven receives grant for project on online urban heritage

Arno van der Hoeven’s project on online urban heritage has received a KIEM grant from NWO. The KIEM programme aims to encourage and facilitate public-private partnerships in the domain of the Creative industries. Partners in Van der Hoeven’s project are Het Nieuwe Instituut and The DEN Foundation (Digital Heritage Netherlands).  Cities on the internet On […]

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Prof. dr. Martine Bouman nominated for the Marc Cornelissen/Brightland Award

Prof. dr. Martine Bouman nominated for the Marc Cornelissen/Brightland Award 02/03/17 | Prof. dr. Martine Bouman has been nominated for the Marc Cornelissen/Brightlands Award 2017. Nominations for this award are based on the extent to which one distinguishes themself in terms of collaborative leadership and collaboration across borders to make our world more sustainable. “The award is an initiative […]

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Project on pop music receives NWO grant

Project on pop music receives NWO grant 02/03/17 | One out of seven ”Creative Industries: SMART Culture” grants, made available by NWO, has been granted to a research project from ESHCC’s departments Media & Communication and Arts & Culture Studies. The researchers who are responsible for the project are all members of the Erasmus Research Centre for […]

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Research project in which Koen van Eijck participates receives NWO grant

Research project in which Koen van Eijck participates receives NWO grant 02/03/17 | The research project titled ”GAMPSISS: Gameful Music Performances for Smart, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies”, led by Micha Hamel (Codarts) who is supported by a team consisting of Koen van Eijck (ESHCC),  Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens (EUC), Rens Kortman (TU Delft) and Alexander Verbraeck (TU Delft), has […]

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